Pushing ahead in control cabinet climate management

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With the launch of the new editions of the KTO/KTS, we have taken the opportunity to fine-tune our thermostats to better meet the needs of control cabinet construction in practice. STEGO’s KTO 111 and KTS 111 small thermostats boast some practical new features:

KTO KTS thermostats for enclousure climatistion

Bimetal thermostats – tried-and-tested regulators for control cabinets


Push-in terminals for a faster connection

Push-in terminals on the front of the enclosure make it easy for you to connect to a power supply without the need for tools. This enables the compact regulators to activate heating and cooling systems inside the cabinet. The advantage for you is that the KTO/KTS can be connected up more quickly – saving up to two thirds of the time it takes for installation thanks to the tool-free process. The terminals exert constant pressure on the supply lines, which provides added security even when transporting pre-assembled control cabinets, for example. You therefore do not need to worry about the connecting cables coming loose.

Making and breaking contact for the perfect climate

Thermostats are key components in any control cabinet. After all, they regulate the climate around the control cabinet electronics with pinpoint precision within the prescribed operating temperature range, thus protecting them from harmful condensation. The two new thermostats in the KTO/KTS series are designed as two-point regulators with a thermobimetal sensor element. This bends in response to changes in temperature and activates a snap-action switch. The KTO 111 is a contact breaker (normally closed – contact is broken in the event of rising temperatures) for controlling heaters. The KTS 111 is a contact maker (normally open – contact is made in the event of rising temperatures) for controlling filter fans, heat exchangers, coolers or switching signal devices.

More air to breathe

Aside from the new connection feature, we have also put a lot of effort into redesigning the thermostat enclosure so that the thermostat now literally has more air. Larger air vents in the main unit, which tapers towards the back, make for an optimised air inlet and thus improve the way the thermostat responds to changes in temperature. 

The striking design, with its curving, ergonomic lines, features a large adjustment dial which offers better readability and an extra precaution against unintentional adjustments: the temperature value can only be altered using a screwdriver.

Tried and tested in heavy duty applications

The thermostats’ operating temperature ranges from -45 to +80°C (-49 to +176°F) in an environment with up to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing). The KTO/KTS models conform to IP protection type 20 and protection class 2, offer a proven service life of 100,000 cycles and are designed for AC 250 V, AC 120 V and DC 24-72 V switching currents. The maximum starting current is AC 16 A for 10 seconds. The switch temperature difference is 7 K with a tolerance of ±4 K. The thermostats are installed by clipping them onto DIN rails. 

One of the distinctive features of the new thermostats is their ability to function at altitude. Thanks to improvements to the air gap and creepage distance, they can be used at heights of up to 5,000 metres (overvoltage category II) or 2,000 metres (overvoltage category III). The KTO 111 and KTS 111 thermostats offer you, as the user, certified safety according to all applicable approval standards, including UL and VDE.




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